Genetics: the big cow myth

Easy calving, high fertility, longevity, feed efficiency and docility are all traits that the Lowline breed is renowned for. When combined with a compact frame and excellent carcase traits resulting in top quality beef, this breed suddenly becomes commercially viable and highly desirable.

For years now, the breeders of Lowlines have experienced the Lowline advantage and now it seems that others are recognising that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better! 

 In the following article, prominent Angus seedstock breeder Harry Lawson shares his views on cow size and ‘frame creep’ in the seedstock industry. Despite the fact that eastern Australia is experiencing one of the worst droughts ever, beef producers are paying record prices for bulls with record Mature Cow Weight EBVs, and don’t seem to be connecting the dots, he says….

Genetics: The big cow myth – measuring the economic impact

By Beef Central, 21 August 2018

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