Benefits of becoming a member of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association

 Having been established in 1992 at the birth of this unique breed, the Australian Lowline Cattle Association(ALCA) has been at the forefront of developing market opportunities for members not only in Australia but worldwide. The foresight and expert guidance of our Councillors through the years has seen the Lowline established as a commercially viable breed with its genetic and breed traits much sought after. The  Lowline is highly suited to either the small acreage farmer or the commercial beef enterprise and all options in-between.

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association is proactive in the promotion and development of the Australian Lowline breed whilst maintaining the preservation of the purity of these unique genetics. Our membership enjoys the benefits of having a progressive and professional Council interested in advancing the commercial viability of the breed. They also have multiple networking opportunities both online and in the ‘real worldʼ within an inclusive, vibrant and active membership body.

ALCA provides a variety of platforms and initiatives to assist our members in the achievement and advancement of their breeding goals. There are two main pathways for members to operate within the ALCA framework.

Stud/ Seed Stock Enterprise -
Members may establish and operate a stud herd or seed stock enterprise.

Each member has their own unique stud name and herd prefix. The Association maintains the only Herdbook of the Australian Lowline and encompasses both the black and the red. All Australian Lowline herds are referenced back to the original herd at Trangie Research Station, NSW. For convenience, this database is available online. All registered stock is given a number in the Herdbook and registration certificates are issued to members. Many of our stud members enjoy participating and competing at the Royal and regional shows.

An extension of the stud/seed stock enterprise is export. Since the early days of the Association, several of our members have successfully been involved in the export of Australian Lowlines and their genetics. Today, this continues with the emphasis now more on semen and embryos than live animals.

Commercial Enterprise -
The Australian Lowline has long been recognised for its feed efficiency, excellent carcase traits and docility of temperament. These attributes along with many others such as calving ease make the Lowline bull an appealing and viable alternative in both the commercial beef and dairy enterprises. Many of our breeders supply Lowline bulls for producers of other breeds to use within their own enterprises.
In response to the increasing demand by consumers to know the providence of their food, and for our breeders to be able to prove this, ALCA 
instigated a Commercial register. This register assists our members in recording the parentage of their commercial stock and providing traceability for the consumer.

Youth Development -

Since itʼs inception, there has been a strong focus on the support and encouragement of youth both from within the Association and into the wider community in general. This is evidenced by the strong and increasing representation of the Lowline breed in the school based agricultural programmes both here and in New Zealand. There is also a designated Youth Member representative on Council. Youth members are both encouraged and welcomed by the Association with scholarships having been offered at various times, stock donated as prizes for our Youth members and workshops to train and impart industry know-how to our youth.

Marketing Support -

Within the Association framework, there is a variety of marketing tools available, starting with the Trademarked Logo. The use of the logo by members creates instant credibility and provides strong market recognition. Further to the Logo, the Association has produced a series of brochures and other promotional material such as banners for members to use at events. There are also promotion groups, supported by the Association, and organised by each State or region to enhance the promotion, education, development and networking of members. These groups also participate in activities such as the organisation of trade sites at Field Days and other events such as Beef Australia. The ALCA Website provides a powerful online presence and is complemented by the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. All this combines to promote the breeders and the breed in a dynamic, professional manner.

●  Promotion Groups organise On Farm Challenges for members to participate in
●  Members are able to meet with one another either in person or via teleconference for the Promotion Group meetings. The teleconference is funded by ALCA.
●  Members have direct access to an Executive Officer at the ABRI to help with queries

●  The online ALCA shop has a variety of breed merchandise available for purchase. The use of this branded merchandise by our members aids them in presenting both themselves and their product in a professional manner. Members are also able to have their own Stud name added to some of their apparel further promoting their own enterprise.

The Association has developed a Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) programme complete with Trademarked Logo and advertising material to assist our membership in branding and marketing of their beef.

With the advent of social media, marketing has become even easier and less costly than in the past. By maintaining an informative and positive presence on social media the breed and itʼs breeders are constantly promoted. Showring and carcase competition results are shared, events are announced, Saleyard Sales is held and in combination with the website, a strong market presence is continually evident. To facilitate further interaction both within the membership and the wider community we host an online discussion group. This is a friendly, positive space where anyone from the youngest to oldest is welcome to join and talk Lowline. On the website, there is a Saleyard page which members are able to take advantage of and advertise their stock for no cost. ALCA has produced a hardcover book to celebrate 25 years of the Association. This comprehensive 336 page book serves not only as a historical record but as a powerful advertising and marketing tool for the breed and breeders, both now and in the future.

Additional benefits -
The Association and its promotion groups fund and facilitate a variety of events and workshops designed to assist members to acquire and develop new skills and gain further industry knowledge. The website hosts valuable information and links to assist members further. Not to be overlooked is the vast array of industry knowledge and breed experience contained within our membership and that is freely shared with new members whenever the occasion arises.

●  Forming new relationships and networking within a group of like minded people is a very rewarding experience. The ability to share your experiences and see another benefit from them or alternatively be the beneficiary of a vast array of not just breed knowledge but often times life experiences is a wonderful thing.
●  Being part of an Association means much greater advertising and breed promotion is achieved than can often be done by one breeder alone
●  When you are a member of a Breed Association your market place credibility and recognition is enhanced
●  Members receive an informative e-Newsletter keeping them up to date with the latest news in the Lowline world
●  An annual professionally produced Journal is distributed within the membership with extra copies available for marketing purposes
●  By breeding and selling registered Australian Lowlines you are helping to
continue the preservation and purity of genetics of this truly remarkable and rewarding breed

Fees and Costs -
There are costs involved in the running of any Association and our fees are structured to cover these. The sensible fiscal management by our various Council members over the years has seen that the Australian Lowline Cattle Association is financially sound whilst still supporting development programmes & initiatives for our membership. All fees for each type of membership and their pursuant requirements are available for viewing on our website.

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